Tronex 200+ Crazy Circuits 31 Parts Electronic Kit Kids Educational Toy Set

Tronex 200+ Crazy Circuits 31 Parts Electronic Kit Kids Educational Toy Set
  • Enjoy more than 200 different experiments with this science lab electronic kit
  • Create new circuits and effects by wiring the components on the board differently
  • Learn the basics of electronics and the uses of components
  • With multiple components and 31 parts there’s plenty to do with this electronic kit
  • Suitable for ages 8+

What different experiments can I enjoy with this kit?
Get into electronics or experiment to see what components do
with this great 200+ experiment kit. Create fun and interesting circuits
which can make a magnet controlled doorbell, flashing LED darkness
triggered LEDs and speed adjustable colour filter. Learn how circuits
work with logic gates, transistors, parallel and series connections. The
kit uses four AA batteries (sold separately – Order Code L43AL)

How do you use the boards?
No soldering is required with this kit, all the components can
be connected using the supplied wires fitting into the springs on the
board. When you’re done with one experiment, simply move the wires to
the next combination on the instructions. Learn about electricity and
electronics and have fun doing it with the Tronex 32200 kit. Experiment
and learn how resistors, LDRs, LEDs, a microphone, capacitors,
transistors, speakers and capacitors can be used. 

This kit should be used with adult supervision and assistance and is
suitable for children aged 8 and above.


Number of included parts

Number of models that can be made

What can be made?
spinning top, music circuits, floating ball, LED light, flying disk and many more

Computer system requirements

Age group, if specified

Power supply requirements
4 x AA batteries (not included)

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