Plaid Folk Art Starter Pack

Plaid Folk Art Starter Pack
  • Excellent offer of variety of colours in this starter pack
  • Superior coverage for all you home decorative projects
  • The acrylic colours offer a creamy consistency for exceptional blending and brush-ability
  • Many more colours available

Indulge your passion for painting with FolkArtA premium artist-quality acrylic paint, FolkArt® Acrylic Paints offer superior hide and a creamy consistency ideal for base coating, colour blending, highlighting and shading.  
Great for decorative painting including the FolkArt One Stroke technique,  FolkArt Acrylics paints perfectly on canvas, metal, wood, plaster and more.  
Contents: 8 Bottles, 59ml (2fl oz).Whicker White (5909)Liquorice (5918)Pure Orange (20930)Brilliant Ultramarine (20957)Lipstick Red (9816)French Blue (20958)Green (5882)Medium Yellow (5898)Colours are subject to availability and some packs many contain alternative colours.

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