Pin Art 3D Image Desktop Gadget 3D Picture Toy

Pin Art 3D Image Desktop Gadget 3D Picture Toy
  • Moulds around objects pressed onto the pins.
  • Ideal for creating temporary 3D pictures.
  • Press almost anything onto the pins to make a 3D sculpture.
  • Cool retro desktop gadget.

This is Art! Pin Art in fact, it’s a 3D reusable and super easy way to create your very own work of art.

You can press almost anything into the pins on the Pinart and get a truly unique 3D picture that will stay intact for as long as it is not disturbed. From body parts to whatever you can find on your desk, the list of fun shapes you can create with this Pin Art gadget is endless.

The Pin Art 3D Image retro toy will supply hours of fun.

Please Note:

  • Close eyes if pressing face into mould.
  • Press gently so as not to cause injury or bend pins.

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