Mr. Colour 46 Clear Gloss Mr. Hobby 10ml

Mr. Colour 46 Clear Gloss Mr. Hobby 10ml
  • Clear
  • Gloss
  • Primary
  • 10mL Bottle
  • Lacquer Base

Mr. color, as a finish preeminent model paint, is the most easy-to-use paint from the world of the modeler has gained a high reputation over the years. Since the color balance, the balance of gloss is perfect, finish the degree after painting is the splendor that everyone is convinced. Number of colors and color kind of rich, corresponds to the paint of most models. For example, an airplane color, so we precisely reproduced on the basis of the correct documentation that painted a real machine, you can make the best model that approaches a real machine. [Notes] 1. Save in out of the reach of children, accidental ingestion, attention should be given not to the Ayamashoku. 2. because it contains an organic solvent, in use, to improve both ventilation after use. 3. Do not use in places with fire. 4. Wash with soap and water when I got to the skin. Once in the eyes flush with water. 5. When feel bad is, to rest in the air of a beautiful place. 6. or swallowed by mistake, please your doctor promptly when there is a change in the pain and appearance. 7. The remaining paint is capped, to save to avoid direct sunlight. 8. bottles to throw away from using up the contents. 9. Do not use other than for painting. (From

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