Mirage Hobby 500801 – Model Kit M/S BATORY Troop Transporter Attack Ship

Mirage Hobby 500801 – Model Kit M/S BATORY Troop Transporter Attack Ship
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The M.S. Batory was a large (14,287 BRT) and luxurious ocean liner of the Polish merchant fleet, named after Stefan Batory, the famous sixteenth-Century king of Poland. M.S. Batory survived the war years (1939-45) being known as a “Lucky Ship” due to her wartime successes – she took part in many military actions sucb as the evacuation of the French-Polish-British corps from Narvik (1940), evacuation of allied troops from St. Nazaire and St. Jean de Luz (1940), invasion of Algier and Sicily (1942), military voyages to India (1943), six months services as a troop carrier from Egypt to Italy (1943) and the invasion of southern France. During many years of service, M.S. Batory carried out 222 round trips across the oceans, first on the New York run, later the India Line and finally the Canadian Line, carrying over 270,000 passengers altogether. She also performed around 75 cruises, tourist trips, transportation of children to Poland for summer holidays with over 30,000 passengers taking part. During her war time service of over six years, she carried about 120,000 soldiers. She visited about 150 ports in all parts of the globe. Following her services for the country, she subsequently became the pride and icon of the Polish Ocean Lines and the entire Polish navy, although serving as a passenger carrier rather than a warship.

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