LEGO 76076 “Captain America Jet Pursuit” Building Toy

LEGO 76076
  • Includes three minifigures: Pilot Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Super-Adaptoid.
  • Extend Ms. Marvel’s flexible arms on either side by sliding them through the super torso.
  • Captain America’s jet features sweep back wings, dual disc shooters and a minifigure cockpit with shield holder and Captain America logo.
  • Attach the Power Blast elements to Super-Adaptoid’s hands, then push inwards to fire!
  • Push a trigger in the aircraft’s tail forward to switch from flying mode into attack mode, then fire the dual disc shooters at Super-Adaptoid.

Super-Adaptoid has stolen Captain America�s shield and is getting away! Give chase in Captain America�s jet and grab it with Ms. Marvel�s super-human stretching arms. Fire the disc shooters at the evil android, but watch out for its awesome Power Blasts!

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