Innocheer Kids 15 PCS Musical Instruments & Percussion Toy Rhythm Band Set

Innocheer Kids 15 PCS Musical Instruments & Percussion Toy Rhythm Band Set
  • A complete rhythm instrument set in one bag.The kit comes with a zippered carrying case for easy cleanup and storage.
  • Various instruments provide a wide range of sounds.
  • Safe and reliable for young children ages 3 and up.
  • High quality construction that’s built to last for long time play and fun.
  • Perfect size instruments for preschool and early elementary children in group or individual play.

Musical instruments for young children

Designed for children ages 3 and up, each piece of the Innocheer musical instrument set is durable, fun to use and has few small parts. Musical instruments are ideal toys as they not only help children develop their rhythm and musical skills, but can also boost attention levels, memory, motor and creative skills.

Explore percussion and rhythm

Encourage children to develop their love of music by exploring different instruments. Its accurate tuning produces pleasant sounds in mini band. Let kids participate and enjoy fun to creative musical movements at an early age. Percussion and chime instruments, like the maracas and triangle, let kids work together or separately to build up a sense of rhythm, which are suitable instruments for preschool and elementary children.

Play and learn together

This set is a great choice for a classroom or party as each child can have their own instrument. There are lots of fun and educational activities to choose from. You can play musical statues with each child dancing and playing their instruments in time to the music or pretend to be a band and play along to a favourite tune. The instruments are great gifts and are also ideal for a party.

Package Contains

2x Maracas
2x shaker eggs
2x Wrist Bells
1x Small Sleigh Bell
1x Large Sleigh Bell
1x Triangle with striker
2x Finger Castanets
2x Claves
1x Tambourine
1x handle Castanet
1x Zippered Carrying Case

NOTE: The tambourine head is made of a sheet of special artificial parchment. It may not suitable for the claves and strikers or any other hard staffs. The kids will have fun to use it as a bell and make a very good sound by clap it with their little hands.

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