Bob the Builder DMM55 Mash and Mould Construction Site Playset

Bob the Builder DMM55 Mash and Mould Construction Site Playset
  • This Bob the Builder construction playset includes 16 ounces (0.45 kilograms) of Mash & Mould Plays and, 5 tools, and over 35 moulds.
  • The Mash & Mould Construction Site is also compatible with Bob the Builder Mash & Mould vehicles (sold separately and subject to availability).
  • This playset is jam-packed with all the right tools and equipment needed for little builders to see their building projects from the ground up, back down, and up again.

This unique playset includes 16 ounces of Mash & Mould Playsand – an amazing material that allows children to build, demolish, and re-build all day long! With the Mash & Mould Construction Site, kids can use five different tools and over 35 moulds to shape, build, and mash their own sand creations. The four easy-to-use, easy-to-move hexagonal tiles act as the base of the playset, so little builders can reconfigure their worksite again and again. This exciting set includes a two-sided character sand stamp with Bob on one side and Wendy on the other; a crane inspired by the popular character Tiny, which contains multiple moulds and acts as a wrecking ball; a Dizzy sand vehicle; two custom mould trays; an iconic “Bob’s Yard” gate that serves as a mould or rake; and a mould-press garage that can be used to create cool sand bricks. Plus, once kids have built up their sand creations, they can use Tiny’s wrecking ball to knock them down, or the TNT demolition pad to blow them up!

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