108 Projects Electronics Kit.

108 Projects Electronics Kit.
  • Exciting projects include colourful fan/fiber tree,tilt sensor and conduction detector.
  • Educational toy contains 17 parts.
  • Build over 108 exciting projects.
  • No tools required and clear and concise illustrated manual included.
  • Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included)

Batteries: Use only 1.5V AA type alkaline batteries(not included)
Non-rechargeable batteries should not be recharged.rechargeable batteries should only be charger under audlt supervision,and should not be recharged while in the product.
Do not mix lod and new batteries
Do not connect batteries or battery holders in paralle
Do not mix alkaline, standard(carbon-zinc),or rechargeable(nickel-cadmium)batteries
Remove batteries when they used up
Do not short circuit the battery terminals.
Batteries are harmful if swallowed,so keep away from small children.
WARNING:always check your wiring before turning on a circuit.never live a circuit unattended while the batteries are installed.never connect additional batteries or any other power sources to your circuits.
Dicard any cracked or broken parts.
Adult supervisionAdult supervision:because children’s abilities vary so much,even with age groups,adults should exercise discretion as to which experiment are suitable and safe(the instructions should enable supervising adults to establish the experiment’s suitability for child). Make sure your children reads and follow all of the relevant instructions and safety procedures,and keeps them at hand for reference. This product is intended for use by adults and children who have attained sufficient maturity to read and follow direction and warnings.never modify your parts,as doing so may disable important safety features in them,and could put your child at risk or injured.
Warning:moving parts-do not touch the motor or fan during operation.do not lean over the motor .do not launch the fan at people,animals,or objects.eye protection is recommended.
SHOCK HAZARD – Never connect the component to electrical outlets in your home in any way.
CHOKING HAZARD CHOKING HAZARD – Smalll parts.Not for children under 3 years.only for use by children age 8 years and older.

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