Set of Two (2) Magical Sticky Pick Up Pencils for picking up and transferring Tiny Embellishments

Set of Two (2) Magical Sticky Pick Up Pencils for picking up and transferring Tiny Embellishments
  • Easy to Pick Up and Transfer tiny decorative embellishments or parts like Rhinestones and Rhinetuds
  • Light Stickness so that you can hold embellishments or parts for easy manouvering
  • Used just like a pencil and can be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener
  • Can also be used as Garment Marking Chalk, marks can easily be removed
  • Also great for delicate modelling or craft making, basically pick up anything light where your fingers could get in the way

Set of Two (2) Magical Sticky Pencils for Picking Up and Transferring Embellishments
An Essential Tool for your Craft Designs (Much easier and Cleaner than using Tweezers)

An absolute essential tool for your Craft Tool Box

It has taken us several years to develop this product to make life easier for your projects!

This specially developed (Similar to Bee Wax) Magical Pick Up Pencils is our Brand New Invention for easily picking up Decorative Embellishments, like Swarovski Rhinestones, Rhinestuds, Metallic Domes, Epoxy Beads, etc. etc. and transfer it on to your designs. Irrespective to whether the embellishments are Hot Fix or NON Hot Fix.
Because the sizes of the embellishments, sometimes it is difficult to pick them up with tweezers . . . squeezing the tweezers too hard, will or may slip and end up spending time to find the bounced off embellishments, squeezing too soft sometimes is difficult to pick them up and positioning them properly on to the design.
Especially there are times when the embellishments are flipped to their back and it is difficult to turn them to the right side up. All these frustrations are now over . . . !!!
With our newly developed Magical Pick Up Pencils, because the tread is made from improved Bee Wax, tinted with colour, you can use it to pick up embellishment, flip them to the right side up and transferring them on to your designs with ease and hassle free, regardless whether you are placing the embellishments on to the garment directly or putting your designs together using our also specially made Sticky Transfer Paper.
You can even use this Magical Pencil as Marking Chalk on your Garments, because it can easily be washed off.

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