Money Saving Bank Coin Bank Automatic Money Saving Box Face Bank Piggy Bank (Pink)

Money Saving Bank Coin Bank Automatic Money Saving Box Face Bank Piggy Bank (Pink)
  • Face Bank coin eating money box, Cool and collectable, Appeals to people of all ages.
  • Put your coin on its mouth, and the face bank will “eat” it to its tummy. Built-in motion sensor under the mouth that it will be activated when you put your hand close to it.
  • A unique face bank that will not only help your kids save money, but also provide lots of fun!
  • Fits almost every type of standard coin: quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies and more.
  • Elastic rubber face give you a good hand feeling; 4 anti-skip leg on the bottom; Long operating life and only requires two AA batteries. (Not included).

The face bank is a uniquely designed piggy bank that literally eats your money! It is fun
for kids because the mouth moves as you put your hand close to it. It’s the savings bank
that will make them want to save. They’ll be running around the house searching for coins
to ‘Feed’ their face bank.

When you put your hand close to the coin slot the Face bank mouth will open and close
automatically as if it was munching on your coins.
Parents view it as an unconventional way of encouraging their children to save money.
Teenagers are divided either seeing it as a surreal collectable or a charming pet like toy and
the aspirational demographic as a ‘must have’ desk top gadget.
Face bank has a wide range of appeal across age, gender and social groups.

Type: Face bank
Material: ABS, rubber
Color: Blue/ Pink
Battery: 2*AA battery (not included)
Mouth Length: Approx. 3.5cm / 1.4″
Size: 9.6*9.8*9.8cm / 3.8*3.9*3.9″
Weight: 0.22kg

1*Face Bank

Lowest Price: £10.49
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