LEGO 60152 Sweeper & Excavator Set

LEGO 60152 Sweeper & Excavator Set
  • Includes two city worker minifigures.
  • Trailer features an adjustable ramp.
  • Features a truck with sweeper brush, trailer and excavator.
  • Truck features spinning sweeper brushes and a truck bed with tool hooks.
  • Excavator features a movable arm with shovel bucket, rotating body and an opening cage.

Call in the Sweeper & Excavator; we�ve got bricks in the street! Load the excavator on the trailer and haul it to the scene with the truck. Scoop up the bricks and load them onto the truck bed. Spin the sweeper brushes on the truck to clean up the smaller bits, along with the broom and shovel. After a hard day�s work, it�s time to head back to base!

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