Healthy Caterpillar Grow Kit by Plant Theatre – Educational Gift

Healthy Caterpillar Grow Kit by Plant Theatre - Educational Gift
  • A fun and educational grow kit – learn about seed germination and plant growth – part of the national
  • Everything you need to get started in one box, Caterpillar propagator with clear lid & 7 pots which can be used again and again
  • 7 ‘magic’ peat growing discs that expand when watered, 7 Plant Markers, Caterpillar eyes and mouth sticker
  • 7 different ‘character’ easy to grow vegetables, each character introduces itself
  • Full instructions and growing tips, all in a Gift Box

You want to introduce your children or grandchildren to the joys of gardening but just know that the usual old style kits are just not going to excite them so what do you do? You buy a Plant Theatre Healthy Caterpillar Grow kit of course!This great kit has everything the junior gardener needs to get them growing some exciting and edible plants. This is a great way to get them into gardening as well as educating them about where their food comes from. The great thing is that no specialist skills are required just pop the peat discs into the pots sow the seeds water and watch this great selection of plants grow!7 pots1 caterpillar tray and cloche7 plant markersSowing and growing tips1 packet of Tommy” Tomato seeds1 packet of “lottie” Lettuce seeds1 packet of “Sammy” Sweetcorn1 packet of “Bertie” Beans1 packet of “Ruby” Red Pepper seeds1 packet of “Polly” Pea1 packet of “Pamela” Pumpkin seedsThe wonderful thing about this kit is that all the vegetable and salad plants are able to be grown and harvested by junior gardeners who are going to get a real kick out of growing something that is very different and they also get to eat their own produce.The whole set comes in a presentation box with the vegetable characters shown which makes this a wonderful gift idea for the young gardener.”

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