Grab a Pig Card Game

Grab a Pig Card Game
  • Fast paced and riotously funny party game for 3 to 6 players
  • Great fun for groups of children, families, or groups of adults
  • Learn how to play in minutes
  • Can help children with hand/eye coordination
  • Winner of multiple awards

You’ll be busting a gut with laughter as you try to outwit your friends in this flexible and fast paced party game that is loved by adults and children alike. No batteries, no computer, just riotous party fun that you can learn in minutes and is portable enough to play anywhere. The object of the game is to collect a set of cards, there are six different sets to collect. Simply place the plastic pigs in the centre of the players, deal the cards but keep them close to your chest. When the dealer calls “oink” pass a card to your left, the play is as fast as the dealers “oink” so it’s all in your control. Once you have a set in your hand grab a pig but make it quick because the other players will make a grab for the pigs too. The one who misses a pig, loses a life. Bluff your friends into a frenzy! Bluffing is allowed and adds to the tension of the game. This classic game is truly addictive, winner of multiple awards from The Good Toy Guide Grab a Pig is sure to have you in stitches whether you are 6 or 96.

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