Drumond Park “Pickin Chickens” Game

Drumond Park
  • Save your chicks from the Jumping Fox!
  • Help Farmer Giles to keep the chickens safe!
  • 1st player to collect 4 chicks wins!
  • No batteries required
  • For 2 – 4 players

Save your chicks from the jumping fox! There’s a sneaky fox about, and Farmer Giles needs YOUR help keeping his chickens safe.One player gives the farmyard base a good spin, then everyone chooses a chicken coop to lift. If you reveal a hen, take one of that colour and add it to your collection. But watch out! If the fox jumps up, everyone loses a chicken! If you have the Farmer card, he keeps the foxaway from your hens for that turn. Save one chicken of each colour to win!

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