Cambridge Brainbox Explorer 2 Electronics Kit

Cambridge Brainbox Explorer 2 Electronics Kit
  • Clear circuit diagrams to aid construction. Over 900exciting experiments. Build your own FM and AM radio.
  • All Sensors and Alarms parts included. Learn about and design electric circuits.
  • Find out how to control lamps. Learn about and use switches. Experiment with electric motor. Experiment with conductors & insulators.
  • Learn about series and parallel circuits. Find out about AND, OR, NAND & NOR gates
  • Build a flying fan. Produce electronic music. Build a vibration sensor. Build a rain detector. Investigate light operated circuits

The Explorer 2 Electronics Kit contains over 60 components enabling children to experiment with a whole range of activities.

The Explorer 2 Electronics Kits now has software which converts your computer into an oscilloscope.

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