Box of Jokes ~ Young Rebel Set ~ Stocking Fillers ~ Gift Box

Box of Jokes ~ Young Rebel Set ~ Stocking Fillers ~ Gift Box
  • Great selection of Jokes for a small prankster! We have specially selected the best range of jokes suitable for young children young children (9+ year olds)
  • All jokes are still in their original packaging, as pictured, and supplied in a colourful BOX OF JOKES box. Great as a Stocking filler or Christmas present.
  • Box of 13 different Jokes
  • 1x Nail Thru Finger 1x Dirty Face Soap 1x Fart Noise Putty 1x Spy Glasses 1x Water Bombs (20 bombs) 1x Fake Lit Cigarettes (2 in pack) 1x Rubber Mouse 1x Dog Poo 2x Fun Snaps Devil Bangers (50 pieces in a box) 1x Wobbly Pencil 1x Hand Buzzer 1x Bullet Holes (3 in a pack) 1x Car Scratch
  • Colourful Gift Box

The Young Rebel box contains: 1x Nail Thru Finger OUCH! A simple illusion which never fails to make us laugh. The nail is bent around your finger but the bandage makes it look as if it has gone right through and you are bleeding. 1x Dirty Face Soap Looks like a real white, soap bar. Looks clean, washes dirty!! 1x Fart Noise Putty Insert fingers into pot of putty for disgusting fart noise! 1x Spy Glasses With these Rear View Spy Glasses you’ll not only be able to watch people in front of you from behind these shaded glasses, but you’ll also be able to watch people BEHIND you as well! 1x Water Bombs (20 bombs) Great for water fights! Pack of 20. Water Fight action! 1x Fake Lit Cigarettes (2 in pack) Realistic looking cigarettes without the dangers of smoking. Shock adults with these fake cigs! Ideal for theatre use when real smoking is not allowed. Two fake cigarettes with the appearance of embers and ash! 1x Rubber Mouse Popular with both girls and boys, these cute rubber mice are one of our longest standing sellers! Realistic looking Fake Mouse, they come loose without packaging. Grey colour. Approx. 10cm (4″) including tail 1x Dog Poo This Round poo is a realistic dog poo!! A classic practical joke. 9cm diameter. Average size approx. 9cm wide 2x Fun Snaps Devil Bangers (50 pieces in a box) Box of exploding fun snaps.Throw these snappers to the ground to make a bang. Snap bang action! 1x Wobbly Pencil A wooden pencil with a rubber tip, your friends won’t be able to write! Rubber Tip action! 1x Hand Buzzer Place in hand, when someone shakes your hand they will receive a surprise! Wind-up action surprise buzzer. This is a wind-up Hand Buzzer which gives a surprise buzz when you shake someone’s hand, it does NOT give electric shocks! 1x Bullet Holes (3 in a pack) Stick on bullet holes, make your victim’s window look like it has been shot with bullets. 1x Car Scratch Play a joke on someone who loves their car too much! 24cm x 5cm self adhesive

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