Bontempi SX4331/N Saxophone

Bontempi SX4331/N Saxophone
  • This toy saxophone by Bontempi has 8 keys and can play a scale
  • The keys on this toy saxophone are coded with seven different colours
  • Allows children to play three songs printed on the back of the box
  • The toy saxophone is plastic and comes with a shiny silver finish
  • Size: 42 cm long

The Silver Toy Saxophone is the perfect gift for the aspiring musician in your family. Your child will love learning to play on this easy to use instrument. The Sax is silver plastic with brightly colored keys to make learning easier. The keys are each a different color to help your child learn to play. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to music. Silver Plastic Toy Saxophone 16.5″ made by Bontempi in Italy.

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