B One Two Squeeze

B One Two Squeeze
  • Friendly animals grace every block- along with the numbers 1 through 10
  • Stackable, squeezable, floatable, squeakable, chewable
  • Ten blocks hand-sculpted on every side, that’s 60 little relief pictures
  • Pretty reusable 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) plastic bag
  • Gift tag included

One, Two, Squeeze!! This product is a fantastic way of learning and having fun. One, Two, Squeeze comes complete with ten blocks, each having pictures on each side, which means that this product has 60 little relief pictures! Not only this, but on each of the blocks also shows numbers from one to ten!
All of the blocks included come packed in a 100% reusable and recyclable storage and carry bag with a lovely yellow handle.
Each of the blocks has a designated a number from one to ten. In relation to this, there is also an image which matches the particular number. For example if the block had the number ten, there might be ten stripes or ten stars.

Product code: 70.1002

Lowest Price: £10.99
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